Thursday, 6 August 2015

Money - how much?

Making money online is a goal for most persons who have a website/blog or doing any type of work online, the question is how much money you realistically hope to gain.  As we all know "a lot of money" is subjective, to some $100/month is a lot, while others would laugh at that and think $millions/year is a lot of money.  Some persons will be lucky enough to get $millions/year from working online, while for the rest of persons they must be able to cope with the fact that all online work will not bring $millions.

There are those persons who have a website/blog that is a labour of love and if they happen to get some finance from it, then that would be great.  For some persons they start their websites/blog or some other type of work online solely for financial gain and when the "easy, big money" does not materialize they throw their hands in the air and give up.

Some persons gain financially by running ads on their websites/blogs, some persons sell products/services directly through their websites/blogs. Other persons work online doing other tasks such as: writing articles, short stories, poems, proof-reading etc.; answering emails, surveys and giving reviews; data-entry is another popular task online.  There are so many tasks done online that if one is lucky he/she can have a steady monthly income.

Unfortunately a lot of persons who come on line hoping for success find themselves scam by a lot of people.  The number one rule for job seekers online is: do not pay anyone to give you a job.  A lot of scam are committed by persons who show pictures of cheques worth lots of money, promising that you too could make the same amount but you have to pay a certain amount first, do not fall for it, this is a red flag.  There are legitimate websites that offer jobs that you do not have to pay up front, one of these is:

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